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About Us

We take Pleasure for introducing Leslie & Company, A special name in the field of Hunting Knives, Camping knives, Swords, Daggers, Martial Art Weapons, Cane Swords, Historical Bowie Knives, Arrowheads, Battle Shields & Armors, Table Cutlery, Archery Tools, Camping Tools, Hand Made Decoration & Handicrafts Goods, Damascus Steel Knives, etc. We are serving our valued clients all over the world.
Leslie & Company has introduced a new era in designing and manufacturing of knives to meet all the requirements of our customers. We pay special attention on curves, corners, edges and shapes of knives during designing so that these may best suit the job and work efficiently.

We manufacture our knives with the finest material and under the strict supervision of qualified and experienced staff. Due to which our products are the "FLAG CARRIER" in this industry and therefore our knives are liked and preferred through out the world.

We think knife is a need of everybody and we have knives for every body. Surely you are in search of new, innovative, better and efficient knives. This web site will surely guide you in proper selection of knives for proper jobs at great quality and price.

We suggest save time and money by purchasing "Leslie & Company" knives the world finest.

Please select your interested items and let us know their marked item number to get our best prices. We look forward to serving you

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